Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loving Learning!

Did you know that it's not quite as hard as you think to have children that love to learn? No, really! All 3 of my kids absolutely love to engage in any form of learning, the secret? I make it fun!! Simple toys can become learning experiences when you add in some alphabet or number stickers. Blocks can help with spelling words when you add stickers on those too! Rub on letters on rocks are fun to make and help create a word garden out of rocks! It's NOT expensive to get creative and you usually have the stuff you need on hand already. Look around and let your mind lead the way!
A sharpie on some bath tub slip stoppers creates a fun game for bathtime or water table play! Work on learning numbers for the Little Ones and then make it into a math game with addition and subtraction of numbers! Work your way to Multiplication and Division too! This is so easy to adapt for many different age levels.
Still don't have that stuff laying around? Check your recycling bin for anything and turn it into something else altogether! A yogurt container turns into a green house when paired with the bottom of a 2 liter bottle and you drill holes on the bottom of it, use the lid as the water catcher. Use a crystal lite container to transform it into a see through planter, where you can watch the plants roots as they take hold in the container. 
It's not hard at all to get creative and it's definitely not expensive! Sorry for the delay once again in writing, we have been busy finishing up our school year and then picking up a huge volunteer job that the whole family gets to help out with and takes over our Saturdays! Until next time my friends, when I will share more recycling fun! ~Enjoy every moment!

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