Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outdoor Discovery & A Show...

As I discussed on my FACEBOOK PAGE earlier, I do not have a pretty yard. We work hard to maintain it, but the previous owner had A LOT of ground cover and it has begun to take over the yard. No matter how much we clear and fertilize and move and on and on...well it stays maintained but it's not glamorous. What it is though, is an explorer yard. This yard can be dug in anywhere (as long as they cover the hole when finished), seeds can be planted anywhere and flowers can always be picked. We can always find baby bunnies, birds, squirrels and lately this awesome nest! We examined and studied how tightly wound it was and then we even looked around for the types of birds that were nearby. It was a fun experience for us and passed it on to a friend that is a pre-k teacher and she will share it with her class. The learning continues! 

The kids love to help garden as I discuss every year and as they get older, they can do so much more and choose what they want to plant and do it all on their own!
We used to have a big and bulky puppet theater that the kids outgrew but it was always a pain to store and take out, the kids still love to put on a show and now it's easy to do! A tension rod can be set up in any door way and when you add fabric it is a ready stage! Hang the rod higher and use curtain clips and it becomes a stage curtain that can be pulled to the side for more dramatics! So many shows for so little a price!
Have a great weekend my friends and remember to enjoy every minute!

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