Friday, July 11, 2014

Corner of my Classroom

Today's corner of our classroom holds our globe, hundreds counters and an old straw dispenser that now holds pencils!

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4-6th Grade Reading Fun Top Ten Series you MUST read!

The water park was nearly empty, the slides had no lines and the diving board was free too. I looked for my daughter and her best friend to see what they would be enjoying and I could not find them. Fear of course clutched my chest as I stared into every corner of the pools. THERE! They were both wrapped in their towels still, laying on chaise lounges and reading away. Yup, I can see why they are friends. My daughter is 9 and loves to read, she doesn't just enjoy books, she devours them. She gets it from me, when forced outdoors as a child, I would be found under a tree with books bigger than I was. Do you have a reluctant reader? Try to pull them into another world with books from a series. If they enjoy the first, they will be eager move on to the next and if not, abandon it and try another! 
Here is a list of Series Books that Autumn has enjoyed and shared with me from 4th grade and on! I left off the obvious Harry Potter and Hunger Games as I am sure many people have heard of these and most likely read them already. I have read almost all of the books that she has and agree with her picks! It was hard to narrow down to her top 10.
1. The Babysitters Club (this is a seemingly never ending series that I read myself as a child). Very easy read and if you need something easier, there is also a Little Sisters Baby Sitters Club series.

2. The 39 Clues (My son and daughter loved this series!) The Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known. With 39 clues hidden around the world that guard the family's power, it's Cahill versus Cahill in a worldwide race to find the Clues and beat the competition.

3. Warriors A series about cats spoken about in the human form. This is a HUGE series with spin-offs that each have 6 books in them. Perfect for the animal lover.

4. I survived A collection of books that take place during important events in history but told from a child's perspective.

5. Percy Jackson and the Olympians  These are AWESOME, they are great for a family read. Already made into 2 movies, I encourage you to read the series and move on to the spin off series, these cannot be put down.

6. Kidnapped A fast pace series that is easy to handle in size. This is a series that follows the On the Run series which is also a great read as well. This series deals with a kidnapped girl and her sister that has to deal with the FBI

7. On the Run Children try to clear their parents' names.

8. Kingdom Keepers These books are addicting and if you've been to Disney World, even more so! They are great to envision and enjoy. There is even a Kingdom Keepers quest in Magic Kingdom!

9. Peter and the Starcatchers This series is a simple and enchanting way to get to know the background of Peter Pan, before he met Wendy.

10. Steel Trapp Never have we both gotten into a series so much that we had to stop reading and keep asking questions and swapping information as we went through.

EXTRAS that CANNOT BE MISSED! (Her words!)
11. Heroes of Olympus This is the follow up to Percy Jackson and the Olympians and is just as good a read as the last. Each book is better than the last.

12. Dork Diaries Funny books to read that can easily be read in a day!

13. A Series of Unfortunate Events This is certainly an odd series that I found difficult to get into, but my daughter loved them and plowed right through!

14. Mother - Daughter Book Club an excellent read for both of us that truly inspired us to start our own book club, but as we run a rainbow loom club right now, we will focus on that first!

15. The Kane Chronicles fans of Rick Riordan will love following this series everywhere it leads!

Hope this helps create a loving reader in your home!! Remember, enjoy every minute.

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