Friday, August 8, 2014

Classroom Cool!

Hello readers! Let me once again apologize for leaving again! It has been a summer of loss, love, sickness, health and so much more. I cannot believe all we have been through, but I hope the worst is behind us. We are starting our new school year and wanted to share some fun stuff that we have done or found! Kohl's Cares has Mercer Mayer Little Critter books for 5.00!! We are in heaven as my kids adore these books, no matter how old they get!!

This simple robe hook holds our charts and tables that we have in page protectors and on binder rings. When needed, they can all be found here!

We are starting our penpal fun as well and everything is in one central location! Envelopes, addresses, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, crazy scissors, stickers and so much goodness all in one spot! Each child has a binder that holds their paper and more page protectors hold old letters and envelopes in one place!

Washi tape is perfect for decorating half a water bottle that has now become a pencil cup! We also decorated plain and cheap folders to be more custom and fun.

We are IN LOVE with our Liturgical Calendar that we ordered from Illuminated Ink! It is a great thing that we can all work on together and learn at the same time! I will be giving this it's own blog post in the near future! 
We are also in the process of preparing our final First Communicant! Creating a Mass Kit has been a fun process that I will share with you as well!
I have also been working on some prayer coloring pages for my youngest to memorize prayers in a fun way! These will be shared at a later date as well!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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