Sunday, August 24, 2014

Disney World Epcot Passport

We are on our way to Disney World soon and there are many way I plan on making this a learning vacation along with bringing along their school work. One thing I am working on is Passports for them to have stamped as we go around the World Showcase. Yes, Disney does sell one of these, but we have purchased one on a previous trip and already done this. Now I want them to learn as they go around and have them stamped! This blog page will be updated as I do each page.
I started by buying these blank passports, I had to buy them in bulk so if you are interested I have extras for $3.00 and that includes postage to US addresses. Just send me an email. (They will be blank!)

Mexico is up first!

This is what I have so far! Page 3 will be added next! Once they finish reading the passport and filling out the activity, they will then head to get it stamped!
Here is page 3! This one includes a cutting and pasting exercise with the Chinese flag. The kids look over my shoulder every now and then and want me to print the pages now so that they can get to work! I am glad to know they are excited to learn!
Page 4 is Germany! The kids keep trying to sneak a peek at my blog to see the passports, but I am not letting them see!! They are so excited and truth be told? So am I!!! Up next will be Italy!

Enjoy every minute my friends!

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