Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No-Sew Felt Food Fun!

My kids LOVE to play kitchen! They had kitchens in every home they ever spent the night in  (Our home, Nana and Grandpa, Great Grandpa...on and on) and now that they are bigger, they still love playing kitchen, but on a larger scale! Hahaha!! They love creating sets and scenes and it's so easy to do when I just get them started with a template! They are moving on to sewing, but for my youngest, the No-Sew versions are perfect for him to get involved! Eggs are so easy just using felt, scissors and a glue stick! Cut out the shape you need and cut out multiples, then add the yolk in the center with a glue stick! So simple and when paired with their crackable eggs, the yolk looks sooo cool!

Tea parties are often had and tea bags were a must! a felt template was all they needed and they were off! Scissors cut the shape and small hole at the top and then yarn made the dangle on the end. They had so much fun picking out all the colors. My daughter and older son proceeded to sew the word TEA on each bag! I will have to share the photos on those tomorrow as they took off with them straight away to the play room!

Cookies!!! 2 different sized circles and then save all the scraps and cut them down to confetti sized strips! PERFECTO!
Remember my friends, to enjoy every minute!!

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