Thursday, August 21, 2014

Read it & Write it, Count it & Learn it!

A new worksheet I created is perfect for beginning readers but also for spelling practice!! Use with ready made flashcards for the beginning reader or create your own for a child with a spelling test! Slip into a protective plastic sheet and you are ready to roll. #1 Place the first word in the Read-it section and have the student sound it out. Next have letter tiles ready to go and have the student spell out the word. Searching for EACH letter tile on their own helps them memorize the spelling, because they keep repeating the letter they are looking for until the find it. Step #3 is Write-It, using a dry erase  marker have your little write the spelling of the word! Get it here!
Get the cargo on the train! Using small wood squares from the hobby store, have your little one count to 50 by loading the luggage on the train! This page prints pretty light, for extra learning, I had my son use a black marker over each number to darken it but to also work on it! Print it out HERE!
Re-purpose old games for new uses! This AWESOME game of Guess Who is fun in it's original style but use it to learn something new! This one is the start of our Guess Who Catholic Saints edition from Arma Dei that we printed out. Get creative and you will find that any game can be used for fun teaching purposes!

Enjoy every minute my friends!

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