Monday, August 25, 2014

Recycle and Make New!

Do you have chunky puzzle pieces or even worse...board books that have seen better days? Are the pages tearing out, missing pieces or just ready to go to that great book heaven out there? Give them new life by salvaging all the can be saved and punch holes in them all around the edge to make Lacing Cards! Add a shoe lace and pop them into a pencil pouch and you have a busy bag! If you don't have any shoelaces, use string and tape the ends to make a "needle" and you are all set! Want to get even more involved? Pick up wood spools from any craft store and wind your laces around them for a mini 'sewing kit'!
If you are new here, we are on our way to Disney World and I am making the Littles Epcot Passports and adding 1 page a day. Page 2 has been added HERE and there are plenty more to come. I will post a link to print all pages when the passport is complete! Take a look and remember when you hover over a photo on my blog, you can pin it easily to pinterest!

Remember to enjoy every minute, but to also take time to do some good in the world!

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