Thursday, September 11, 2014

Disney World Tip #1

Disney Tip! I have mentioned before that I am working on a post on how to make Disney more affordable to everyone and it is coming hopefully by the time we get back from Disney. One tip I love to share is to order your pin lanyards (for pin trading) ahead of time online. You will get great prices on your kids favorite characters and also have them prepped and ready for travel!

1. Add a gift card to the badge holder (with or without money for your kids, we put 50.00 on each one for our kids) on the back of the gift card use a sharpie to write their name and your cell phone number on it so that they have it on them should they get lost.
2. Keep them a secret until the day you leave and they make a great gift from "Mickey Mouse" to welcome them to WDW.
3. Use them to surprise the kids to tell them they are going to DISNEY WORLD!
4. Buy a pin lot on Ebay or anywhere online ahead of time for a bulk payment on pins (even if they are lame ones that nobody wants), this has your pin lanyard prepped for trading without having to buy expensive pins just to trade them. ONE NOTE: Be sure that they are DISNEY OFFICIAL pins for trading or they will NOT be accepted.
Next tip will be on decorating your Magic Bands!! Here is just a wee peek at a few of ours!
Page 4 of our DIY EPCOT PASSPORT is up! Check out the other pages HERE!!! This has been a vacation that has been a long time coming and I am so glad that I get to personalize it as we go!

Enjoy every minute my friends and be ready to save $$ on awesome vacations!

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