Monday, September 1, 2014

Learn Your Name

Hello everyone! Hope your Holiday weekend was a good one! We went away for the weekend, so I am using my driving time to catch up on everything. This is a worksheet that I made up while my kids were younger and still learning their names. This sheet can be put in a page protector to be used more than once in a dry-erase format. First the student circles all the letters that appear in their name and then writes the name in the box below. In the beginning, use a sentence strip with their name written on it, so that they can search for the letters that match and eventually they will learn the spelling on their own and won't need that sentence strip anymore. Print your own HERE!
If you have been following my EPCOT PASSPORT POST HERE, you will see that I am adding pages regularly, leading up to our trip. Here is page 3! For more info on this page and the others CLICK HERE!
Enjoy every minute my friends! Share something that you did this weekend?!

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