Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In This Moment...

Taking some time for reflection on our bike ride!

Taking moments for ourselves throughout the day, reminds us to be thankful for every little bit of our lives. This morning as I sit with my cuppa and think about all the changes that have happened to us in the past year, I reflect about life...In this Moment I am:
::Smelling the casserole in the crock pot
::Listening to my children read "quietly" in the other room

::Drinking English Breakfast tea & discovering that I don't quite have a fondness of English Breakfast
::Thinking about how thankful I am to my husband for working hard, so that we may stay home
::Making my to-do list for today
::Feeling felt in between my fingers as I try to come up with some new felt board items
::Trying to suck up the chill in my bones with a sweater
::Realizing that never again will my children be this age that they are this very I am signing off and going to read to them!
Enjoy every single minute my friends! It all goes by too fast!

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