Friday, October 31, 2014

My Kids Wish They Had a Mom Like Me Too!

Happy Halloween!!! If there is one thing I noticed this year, it is that my kids are NOT fond of carving pumpkins! I truly believe that we keep doing it for ourselves. They don't like picking out the pumpkins, cleaning them our or helping to carve them. What do they like? Drawing the faces on them. My kids love to draw, but that's about it. I find the pumpkin pick and carve to be a tradition dating back to when I was a kid, even if my parents weren't getting along (which in all honesty, when were they ever??), we always did this one small thing together. Oh well at least they are still young enough that they don't have a choice! Hahahah!!

As I sit here drinking my smoothie this morning, I realize that this blog post is about to take a different angle than where I was originally headed. Today was going to be an educational game round-up, but after getting another e-mail that pretty much asked the exact same thing as others before...well it was time to address it publicly and not just by replying in messages.
My kids wish they had a mom like me too! Yes, it's true! So many e-mails I get speak of how lucky my kids are to have a mom like me and how their kids would absolutely love it and how they
wish they had the energy, the time, the means to do it all too...wait...WHAT?! Oh dear, is that what it truly seems like? I then hear how mommy bloggers are depressing! Ohhhh no?! Really?!! STOP THAT TRAIN!! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a mommy blog that in reality you are just seeing a tiny sliver of our lives. My kids often look back at the blog and remark about how awesome and fun a certain day was and then of course that is when I have to remind them that in that very moment the youngest was behind me pitching a fit because he didn't want to do school or to the left of that photo with our craft of the day is a massive pile of laundry waiting to be folded and put away...or that Roman is the only one in that picture, because the big kids were arguing about something rather ridiculous at that very moment. Sometimes it is comments about how I have time to make breakfast, homeschool, craft, blog, run a business and the like...the simple answer is that I don't.  Plenty of things get pushed on the back burner to get it all done. Look at the long lapses there are on this blog when I just don't have the time and I often get paid to blog! I prioritize, but of course it is not always done right.
Sometimes days and projects look so perfect, but in the blogosphere you don't know how long it took that blogger to actually finish. The beginning photo could have been from 1 year ago and the end photo from 2 months ago and they are just NOW getting around to blogging about it. Meals may look impressive, but what you don't see is the giant mess in the kitchen! Houses may look absolutely perfect, but what you are missing is the pile of bills that it took to make it look that way or the artful angle at which it was taken to obscure the other not-so-perfect half of the house.

 Mommy Bloggers are only blogging about what they love, they are not out to feel superior, just out to make friends, reach out and help someone but certainly not to make you feel inferior. I think each and every one of you is pretty darn awesome and I think I am too! Our children are happy and they love us as much as we love them, we're all doing something right!
Believe me, we are all the same, whether we are working or at home, rich or poor, single or married, homeowners or renters...we are all women that love our children. That is all I ever wanted to convey in my blog posts, I am a mother that loves her children. I yell and lose my temper, I may be madly in love with my husband but he drives me crazy as I KNOW I also do to him. There are not enough hours in the day, I have not seen my family in over a month and they live only 2 hours from me, I have not seen my mother in law in MONTHS and she is around the same distance...Yes, I would LOVE to do it all, but nobody can. We do what we can with what we have and you know what? THAT is what makes a good parent. THAT is what makes a good human being and THAT is what we teach our children, to only do what we can do and the rest will fall into place. Motherhood is not a competition, it is an adventure in which we all take different paths, have different outcomes but always the same intentions, to do what is best for the ones we love. No, my life is not perfect, but I love it that way. It makes it unique to me.
Go on my friends, head out and enjoy every minute!
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