Friday, November 14, 2014

DIY Learning Games

Happy Friday!! Boy how good does it feel to say that? This has been a draggy week (is draggy even a word?!) and I am very happy to welcome the weekend with open arms. I am ready to dive right into the weekend and not look back so today's post will just be a round up of learning games that I have created over the years, photographed and then never posted about. Life seems to always get the best of me and I can't say that I mind! Here is a simple alphabet game using water bottle caps, paint chips, stickers and a marker! Easy and saving plastic from the landfills! 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom...will there be enough room?? This book is a long time favorite in our house and we must speak about it a lot because at one point we had FIVE copies?! Hardcovers, soft covers, name it! I am also the mother of fidgety boys that love to wander around while I was reading, so I created a game for them! Taking linking monkeys and then writing letters on their bellies, and a plastic tree turned coconut tree, I created a chick chicka boom boom prop and the kids would search for the letter I was reading about and place it in the tree. There was never enough room for those silly monkeys and just like in the book it would topple over and the letters would scatter about. 
Counting is a simple thing to do, but it gets boring learning the same old way! Using pieces from other games that I saved when parts went missing, I created this matching and counting game when I added in animal counters as well! Remember, anything can be a counter but the brighter and more fun, the more it's like playing and less like learning! 

Teaching simple addition and subtraction? Flashcards can be ever-so-boring! Add in some unifix counters and then the children have a visual tool to use and see the answer. As they configure the problem with the cubes, they are repeating the problem in their head and counting with each cube. This is helping them remember even more!

Remember my friends to take the time to remember every minute! Enjoy your weekend!

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