Friday, November 21, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014!

Freedom Friday is HERE! Hahaha, I love Friday's they get me all excited about family time and hanging out and sleeping in...ahhhh wonderful! Anyway, it's almost Thanksgiving and in our house, that means it's almost time for our Elf on the Shelf Charlie to come back!! The kids are super excited and have not stopped talking about it. Of course we have been eager to prepare for his visit!
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First, we adopted an Elf on the Shelf pet from Barnes & Noble. He is home and waiting for Charlie to make him come alive. The kids have loved snuggling with him every night since we bought him. They have named him Hot Coffee! I have silly kids that love to come up with funny names. 
We know Charlie will arrive with his old clothes that we have bought him in the past all packed up in his suitcases, so we have a closet ready for him to hang them up on! The boys made this simple closet rod from LEGOS and a dowel rod from the hardware store. He will now have a closet to select his daily outfits from!
What fun is Christmas without an ugly Christmas sweater or 2?! Yup, we are ready for Charlie to be outfitted to the nines for the Holidays!!
I can't help it, we love these sweaters! It makes me want to get some ugly Christmas sweaters for the our whole family and wear them to Christmas as though serious! Hahaha!!
WHAT?!?! Elf on the Shelf Sweaters?!? Yup, they are Christmas ornaments we found at Michaels and they fit the elf PERFECTLY! We are all excited for Charlie to meet Hot Coffee and see his new clothes. Hope he is just as excited to see us again!
Happy Thanksgiving & WELCOME BACK CHARLIE! Our Elf arrived with jammies and books and some for mom and dad too! He brought the Houdini movie and candies and a letter from the North Pole! He even wrote letters back to the kids after they left him notes! How did he arrive?  He emptied out one of our bookshelves of books, tossed them on the coffee table and set up house! He had a felt floor, dora castle furniture, a suitcase and his closet! There as even a space for HOT COFFEE!!

Elf on the Shelf jammies from Charlie the Elf! The kids were in love with their snuggly gifts and were eager to wear them.
There he is! Hiding at the top of the curtain rod, he was difficult to spot until the kids saw the scarf he used to scale his way up there! Hot Coffee, his pet, was holding the bottom of the line.
Charlie the Elf LOVES his suitcase and Hot Coffee, his new best friend!
Charlie the elf has new boots on and he changed his sweater to go fishing for pretzel goldfish with Hot Coffee, his new bff!
Making a castle with K-Cups!
Charlie is making a Marshmallow snowman and sharing his hat with Kermit the frog! Check out his suitcase filled with his boots and scarf. What fun he is having in his new house.
Oh dear! Charlie has a bit of a sweet tooth! He is trying to help us get ready for the big Gingerbread House decorating party tonight I guess!
Flying High! It was hard to find Charlie this morning when he was piloting one of the boys' planes that hang from the ceiling of their room!
Up to his antics Charlie had Hot Coffee, his pet, halfway up in the air to the lamp, it didn't stay for long but you can see him wrapped up. 
There he is building with model bricks and cars 
Sitting in the letter that is in the picture window and Kermit is even borrowing Charlie's jersey!!

Train board started going up and there is Charlie playing trains with Kermit helping him out!
Enjoy every minute of your weekend and Holiday season my friends!!
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