Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Fun & Menu of the week!

I should be going wordless today, but I have too much catching up to do! We took a spontaneous trip to Wisconsin to go to a convention and we ended up picking up cheese and sausage from some of our favorite markets and deli's!
My youngest son is my handful and he has the silliest ideas that make us laugh and laugh. Here he is with his 'money face' and he insists that this is worth more than real money and has even tried to use Roman bucks at McDonald's! hahaha!! Kids?!
Monday: Brats and Sauerkraut with Greenbeans and potatoes (we picked up the brats at a sausage shop in Milwaukee this weekend)
Snacks for the day were cheese and crackers picked up in milwaukee. (Romaine lettuce leaves with roasted corn (frozen!) and diced tomato was the salad)

Tuesday: Baked potato, spinach and broccoli soup in the slow cooker. The potatoes were on sale last week at Valli for a 10 pound bag at .98!! Which is why we had potatoes Monday and Tuesday. This soup was sooo filling that I was glad the salad was just a simple garden one that everyone could build on their own and I could just bag the leftovers for another day. (Broccoli was fresh but on sale)
Snacks: Broccoli crowns with Celery Stalks and ranch

Wednesday: Jasmine Rice (We buy our rice in bulk at sams) with peapods (bought in bulk for 1.50 for 5 pounds!!!), peas (frozen), carrots (valli discount cart 1.49 for 4 pounds worth) and chicken breast. The idea here is to cube the chicken breast to work as a stir fry and not use as much as you would had you given everyone a breast. Pile on the veggies and it is incredibly filling. Salad is a chopped salad with leftover veggies from the previous nights w/ spinach & romaine.
Snacks: Snap Peas and Carrot Sticks

Thursday: Quesadilla Bar with cactus salad (We put out a variety of cheeses, tortillas and toppings and the kids can build their own and then it gets cooked in front of them at the griddle (they can help out). This can be made very cost-effective by using what's on sale as the toppings and only cheese that were on sale as well. Even brick cheeses can be shredded to save money.
Snacks: Ham and Tortilla Roll Ups sliced into pinwheels

Friday: Frijoles de la Olla (this is a Mexican Bean soup that is soo cheap but sooo good) with Mexican chopped salad (corn, cilantro, tomatoes, red pepper, green pepper, black beans, lettuce and topped with lime juice). 
Snacks: Pepper Slices with laughing cow

Saturday: Pizza Night Out!

Sunday: Curry Chicken with tandoori potatoes I like to add in spinach and other greens where kids won't even notice them! Salad is roasted peas with sesame seeds sprinkled on. 
Sides: Leftover snacks just diced up and tossed on a chip tray, so it looks like something new!
Remember to enjoy every minute my friends!!

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