Friday, November 28, 2014

Fun on Friday

Friday is here and just about gone, what did you do with your day? Were you shopping, spending time with friends and or family, relaxing, cleaning? Please share! Ours was a lazy day spent in the theaters and then lounging around our home and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way!
We shopped in the morning and then headed to an afternoon showing of Mocking Jay (yes, we took the kids, more on this tomorro). As we were headed home and discussing the movie, we chatted about wanting to see Penguins of Madagascar next. My husband then asked what was stopping us from seeing that today as well? We turned right around and were only 20 minutes shy of that movie starting! Hahaha!! We still had our drink and popcorn with us, so we refilled them for free and were ready to settle in with another film!
Our Elf on the Shelf brought Pajamas with his likeness on them and the kids were excited to wear them last night, so we had to photograph them wearing their jammies this morning. Roman absolutely adores penguins, so a penguin always makes its way into our photos! 
We have recently finished watching the Houdini miniseries and my son has now become obsessed with escaping from boxes, handcuffs and anything else they can think of. I only hope they do not attempt any under water tricks! 
Enjoy every minute my friends!
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