Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Today was our Sams Club stock up day, you know the type...load up the top and bottom of the cart so high that you can't see and then have a minor coronary when the total rings up? The ones where you start out so great with boxes and organized packing but then eventually you run out of boxes and are just shoving stuff wherever it fits! This is our one weekend a month that we spend at home deep cleaning, working on another remodel on our list and shopping. 
Today was the start of winter project #1. We finished half of the attic when we bought the house for our daughter to use as a room, the other half remained unfinished. Today the old subflooring was torn up and a new one was put down along with running new electrical. This will be a project that will most likely last all winter but I am glad to get it started. This half of the attic will become a hang out room for the kids and their friends. It will house comfy chairs, bookshelves, a table, tv and game consoles along with board games, a minifridge and other odds and ends. 
Enjoy every single minute my friends!!

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