Sunday, November 2, 2014

Keep it Simple...

I hope your weekend was fantastic! We are in the middle of a wonderful one, visiting old friends, new friends, family and hanging out together. On Halloween, we spent the day with new friends at an assisted living facility. My children made Halloween cards and it was time to hand deliver them. For every holiday, we usually pick a different facility in the area and deliver them there. It is amazing to see the joy and love in their faces when they get to see and speak with children.

They let the kids go on a pumpkin hunt around their facility and keep the pumpkins they found! They even told them to take as many as they wanted. It was a wonderful experience for ALL involved.

"Mom, this is like EASTER! I love hunts" 
These pudding snacks were a hit at our Halloween party & are very inexpensive to make! 
Makes 20
White Chocolate pudding .75 x 6 (4.50)
Green Food coloring 1.25
Chocolate Sprinkles 1.75
40 count cups 2.47
Black Marker (had at home)
Plastic Spoons 1.00
Milk 2.75
$13.72 but I had leftover coloring, cups, sprinkles, milk and spoons 
A simple ghost face on white hot chocolate cups make them playfully cute!
Our homeschool co-op is about to begin sending letters and pictures to facilities year round, we will send them out once a month. What fun this will end up being. Enjoy your weekend my friends and remember to enjoy every minute!!
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