Thursday, November 13, 2014

Please Stop Talking...

Wow, that certainly say so much doesn't it? I am finding out all too well that we as a nation are glorifying the word busy. I am not accusing anyone here but myself, but I hear it so much that at some point it really makes me stop and think to myself. In all honesty if we were to cut out some of our day to day activities would anything REALLY change? Would the world end? I always start thinking this way when the holidays are right around the corner. That is the time that really has me going nuts. It seems we are all in a hurry to please someone or to make it look like we are super-parent or something...maybe it is a desire to give our kids all that we didn't have or do all the things we wished we could have done but those are dangerous waters. When will we realize that the only thing our children really need is love? After all these outings, classes and vacations what do they remember the most? That you were all together and laughing. I know it's an easy thing to say but is it that easy to put into practice? I know, I am rambling now...oh well it's food for thought.
On to why I really came over to the blog today! Repurposing is something that you hear from me daily (I know STOP talking already right?!) but it is something that helps us extend the life of our toys. These cards have lower case letters on them and the barrel of monkeys have upper case letters written on them! It makes for a fun matching game.
Link them as normal but in ABC order, play with the cards alone or match and then link. There are so many ways to play this one and all of my kids loved it. As I ready so many of my pre-k manipulatives to sell, I am reminded on how the simple things that I created for them are the ones that bring back more memories than the toys. I remember them taking this game to grandpas and linking them from a light switch and then forgetting all about it and grandpa went in and was a bit confused! I remember them linking them on the coat hook in the van and one big turn made the monkeys fly all over the van! What laughter that brought about. These were definitely made with love!
Used to teach sight words they were such a fun tool that the kids never 'got' that they were doing school work, only figured that they were having fun. Yup, that's what it is all about. Everything in life won't be learned from text book but on the laps of their parents. The basics are all we truly need to get through our day to day lives.
Don't you ever doubt it my friends! You truly are an amazing person. Now remember to enjoy every single minute because in all the business it goes by far too quickly! ;)

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