Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thankgiving Thursday...

Happy Thanksgiving my Friends! I am in quite a rush but wanted to stop and wish you all the very best and also stop to think about being thankful during this time.
10 Things I am Thankful For-
~Family & Friends
~All of you out there that care about what I have to say
~Food to eat, a roof to sleep under and a car to get us to see our friends & family
~My husband who was so amazing when I passed out at the blood bank last night
~ My children who warm my heart every single time I look at them
~That my mother-in-law is a great person and not one of those psychos you hear about
~That I still have 2 fantastic grandparents that my children have gotten to know so well
~My Faith that has gotten me through so much
~My parents that have been so supportive with every aspect of my life
~That I wake up every morning with a purpose
Our Elf on the Shelf is back for 2014! He arrived with a BANG and brought lots of gifts! I will share more details on Monday, my family is seriously in the car as I sit on the couch finishing this up!
Enjoy every minute my friends! Let the stressful moments roll of your back and live in the happy moments. Life goes by too quick to not enjoy it all!

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