Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014!

As we close out a year and I reflect back on what was 2014, I am just left a muddled mess. This was a year of love, loss, togetherness, family, distance, travel and so much more. We lost loved ones, welcomed new ones and did so much. We took a large paycut to have more family time and this year saw us lose family members, not to death, but by choice. Sometimes it is necessary to just cut the stress out of your life.
Homeschooling reached a stride where I no longer felt the need to compete with other schools but to challenge my children in new and creative ways, where they learned more than they ever could about topics that interest them and still kept up with their book studies as well.
2014 became the year of our family, we decided it was time to make a difference in our surrounding world by helping out and to strengthen our bonds as parents, lovers and people. It was also time to become a true family unit that shares, plays and talks. We had dinner together every single night in 2014. This sometimes meant eating a very early dinner or a very late one, but we always ate together. This is now our priority. If my husband and I had a date night, we still 'ate' with the kids before we headed out, by sitting and chatting with them at the table.
The year taught us a lot about people and places and things. It made us realize how so much in life is unnecessary and just a waste of time. As our kids grew older and wiser, we learned more about them and they about us. They seemed to really grow into their personalities this year.
Our travels took us out of state 10 times this year and to 7 different states. We made each opportunity a learning one and in doing that we all had fun learning new things. This was a year of blessings and triumphs as well as troubles and scares. We had a happy 2014 but only hope that 2015 brings us an even better year. 
Thank you all for sticking by me this year and for your comments and messages. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and wish nothing but the best for your 2015. As our children grow older, let me remind you once again to take the time to enjoy every minute.

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