Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Festivities, Teaching Tools and Yay it's Thursday!

Ohhh what fun we had last year making up these snow filled ornaments! The children put their fingerprint on each one so that the 3 snowmen were each a different child. We used a funnel to fill it with salt and then added on a hat and buttons and a face with a sharpie and we were done! Simple and sooo cute! Now I am trying to think of what we will do this year! 
As I am preparing for our neighborhood Gingerbread House party, I have lists all over the place and stuff everywhere. My children seem oblivious to it all as they sit with a puzzle and helping the youngest learn his 50 states. No wonder they never hear me calling them, they are oblivious to chaos. 
I have been lucky to have found a group on Facebook that allows me to sell my older manipulatives as my youngest moves up and on. As I find them to photograph them, I realize just how much fun we have learning around here. These frogs are a dime a dozen and usually just end up in the trash, but pair them with some sight word flashcards and you have a serious game of learning on your hands! Do this with math flashcards, or anything that needs to be learned! I will have to update this post with where the Elf on the Shelf is today as my children have not found him yet and they are getting quite impatient! 
Enjoy every minute my friends and remember to aim high!
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