Friday, December 5, 2014

Just One of Those Days...

Today our elf was found making a mess and chowing down on our Gingerbread House items! We are hosting a gingerbread house building party tonight and it seems that Charlies wants in on the activities today as well! Want to know what else Charlie has been up to in 2014? CHECK IT OUT HERE!
Our morning started out pretty early, being the first in line at the library to buy a chess kit that they were selling. It is a rolling chess school basically and was perfect for what my son wanted. If he hadn't gone with me it would have easily been a Christmas gift, but alas I had nowhere to take them for an hour and this way they got to play right away! He was over the moon thrilled and could not wait to sort and look through it all.

TGIF my Friends and Remember to Enjoy Every Minute!!

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