Monday, December 8, 2014

Life is Good...

Sweet surprises abound on Friday when we hosted our first ever Gingerbread House Creating & Decorating Party! It was so much fun for all 15 kids we had in the house and I think the 10 adults had a great time as well! It was something we billed as a family event so that time was spent together and it worked out wonderfully! We went through 8 boxes of graham crackers, countless bags of candy, 5 tubs of frosting, 1 pack of food coloring and 4 bags of marshmallows!!
After letting them sleep the sugar high from the Gingerbread Party off, we met friends for brunch Saturday afternoon and had so much fun. Even though they were adult friends with plenty of chatter and hours of sitting, the kids still managed to enjoy themselves too! A few crayons on the backside of the placemat is all it takes to keep them entertained...that and a fully stocked dessert bar!
Saturday evening had us from 4-9pm with different friends at the Zoo to see their Christmas Light show and events and activities. 5 boys and 1 girl make for an amusing trip full of energy and wild antics!
Sunday morning we headed to mass early and then off to Wisconsin to get some shopping done (Cheese and brats are a must!!) along with a visit to their events arena to buy some tickets for a few shows we want to see next year! They will be delivered via the North Pole express! We enjoyed dinner at our favorite Milwaukee location (Buck Bradley's).
Right from dinner we headed to Starbucks at Arrow Park and then to watch the skaters! We wanted to get on the ice, but we had plans to meet up with friends and it was time to get going!!
Yay our friends had joined us! It was time to watch the Holiday Train from Canadian Pacific pull in and then the concert and SANTA!!! Gabriel even got a high five from Santa!! He believes he may have been injected with magic as that was the REAL Santa you know!! It was truly an amazing sight and I don't know who was more excited; the kids or I?!
Charlie the Elf was up to his usual antics this weekend, including climbing into a lamp and dropping down a scarf for Hot Coffee to come up again! (Please note, this are florescent bulbs, DO NOT try with any other bulbs and on a smarter note, leave the light off!! I just turned it on to take the photo as it was too dark already).
This morning we were up early for mommy to meet her group of friends as we walked the mall and the kids sat down and did their work for the day! Some of those older people can certainly power walk, I have to join up with them!! I think the mommy's just like getting together to chat! Hahaha!
First we had school at the mall and now what?! Crafting for school?! Yup, did you now that writing letters to penpals is the perfect school activitiy? It includes handwriting, spelling and art! Don't forget letter writing, envelope addressing and so much more! Get a penpal and watch your children LEARN & have fun!!
Who would have thought that all it took was becoming a teacher to pull my shy boy out of his shell! This Chess Class kit is just another tool in his belt of confidence. He started teaching chess to beginners and hosting a free play chess at the library and he is just getting more animated and excited as I watch. Find something your child loves and start small! Have them teach a smaller, younger child and then watch it grow!

Menu Plan Monday will be brief with just dinners today as my son is in the middle of a chess lesson and I have to keep an eye on the time!
Monday - Loaded Baked Potato Soup in the Slow Cooker! (Smells so good!) with Tomato & Cucumber slices
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Salad Bar with DIY Veggie toppings to build it all yourself
Wednesday - Pinto Bean Soup served with Cucumber Slices sprinkled with lime, salt and chile with blue corn tortilla chips & Avocado slices
Thursday - Zootles (Zucchini noodles) with homemade tomato sauce and heirloom tomato salad.
Friday - Birthday Party!
Saturday - Dinner Date with husband as kids go to Parents Night Out!
Sunday - Out of Town to go to a LEGO show!
Enjoy Every Minute My Friends!

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