Friday, December 12, 2014

Review It: Spectrum Workbooks

Hello friends, it's Finally Friday! Early last month I posted about our great mail day arrival, where our Spectrum Workbooks for review arrived! I decided to truly bring these into our curriculum, which as many of you know is a box curriculum. It took some work to get them to fit in, but I wanted to give a proper review. After once month of using them,  I am happy to say that we will continue using the rest of these books as a supplement for what we already use.
Using Spectrum was a great idea, as new books are like new toys and right away everyone wants to check them out! The kids absolutely loved the titles I chose for them to work on and so did I! My 6th grade got Writing & Science, 4th grader got Writing & Language Arts and my 2nd grader received Math.  We did not go right in row through the book, instead I poked through and picked and pulled what lined up with what they are working on or what they needed a little additional help with.
I absolutely loved that their pages were perforated and allowed me to pull out the pages needed, staple them and stick them in one of our decorated folders to take on the go with us. I have mentioned before how portability is very important to us and these fit the bill!
Spectrum workbooks have very clear and concise explanations for all of their sections and that is VERY important for those that wish to use them as more than a supplement. My 2nd grader was able to look at the examples and figure it out on his own. That is great when I have 2 other children that need my attention every now and then as well. Thanks so much Spectrum for this wonderful opportunity! Be sure to follow THEM ON FACEBOOK, where they share great ideas and awesome free activities as well!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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**I was compensated for this review but all opinions are my own!**


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