Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Waiting Room Woes...

Charlie the elf was found playing with the coffee k-cups and he brought along his pet. This silly elf really enjoys doing crazy things. Check out our other Elf tricks HERE! Today was an interesting day that threw our schedule right out of the window. My husband has had wisdom teeth pain since Thanksgiving and today was the earliest they could get him in. 1 tooth turned into 2 being pulled with sooo much pain and over 3 hours in a waiting room the size of a hospital room with 3 children! It's a great thing that I always carry purses large enough to transport a body. I had some crackers from soup at dinner the night before, fruit snacks leftover from a movie theater kids pack and a bottle of water. 2 decks of cards, 4 restaurant crayons and a small pad of paper along with 2 sheets of stickers. This kept the entertained the entire time when combined with a 10 minute walk around the exterior of the building for some fresh air (didn't want to leave too long with my husband in the room) and a bathroom break.

When we came home daddy needed a nap and it was time to get creative with quiet games. These foam mats were perfect for indoor hopscotch and then some reading and a movie were just the ticket. 
Enjoy every minute my friends!!

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