Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nearly Wordless on Wednesday...

I love keeping busy (in case you didn't realize) and the kids have absolutely no problem with that! Here they are at their Spectacular Science class on Monday!

After Sunday's robotics class for our son, the boys were all inspired to begin working on the challenge, and they pulled out their LEGO robot kit with daddy and have been tinkering around every night. Love that they spend time together.

After only 2 knitting lessons, my daughter finished a scarf! She is working on 10 crochet hearts to add to the scarf to give it a little pizazz! 
My day was MADE when my gold card arrived from Starbucks! What was the first thing I did to celebrate? Go to Starbucks of course! 
Uh-Oh, Facebook went down last night and I had no clue what to do with myself. Instead of picking up the book mocking me in the corner, I went to twitter to find out what was up. I need help! Haha!

Teachers are allowed to check out a specimen box from the library to give kids a hands on education of various items. I rented a room at our local library and we opened it up to our homeschool group, what fun everyone had!
My 7 year old had book club today and the theme of their club is Books that Cook! They read books that have food in them and then make that food after discussing the book! What a great way to inspire children to read. What was the theme of today's club?? Hmm....

Enjoy your day my friends!
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