Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday School

Happy Sunday my friends! This Sunday posting is a new addition to the blog in which I will wrap up our Catholic school portions of homeschooling. I don't expect all of my readers to have the same views as I do or believe in what we do, so this way I figure you can either head on over here on Sunday for all the goodies or just skip the blog on this day. Thanks so much for following me no matter what though, I appreciate every bit! You will be able to find a master compilation of all our Catholic activities and crafts HERE at our Little Catholic Homeschool!   Punching holes in our Saint & Holy Cards allows us to keep them on a binder ring to hang up in our classroom, perfect for keeping organized and having them handy and on display!
Our library has a free bin of books that are usually too warped or torn up to read but I know they must feel like I do and they just cannot throw them away. What better thing to do than to use them in the classroom? This 10 commandments book was in rough shape and missing a lot of pages, so we cut it up and used it to create a 10 commandments lap book! Get creative with items before you toss them into the trash!
Our Wreath I books arrived for the Little Flowers girls club, I am so nervous about leading a group but at the same time very excited. Are your children in a Little Flowers group or are you a leader? Please share your experiences with me!! The Little Flowers is a club for girls that is the Catholic version of secular clubs and groups.
Adoration Bag #4
This bag belongs to my 9 year old. It has his book that he is currently reading: Bible Wars & Weapons, his holy cards and rosary guide along with a rosary. His Action Bible and the memory verse cards that go along with his bible. (The Action Bible is NOT a Catholic bible, he knows this and it allows him to compare the 2 bibles as he goes through it). His adoration bag is actually his everywhere bag, he is constantly using this items that it just worked out for him to bring this. In Adoration, he uses his rosary guides and prays the rosary and then he prays to all the saints in his ring of saints and memorizes a few bible verses as he prays for his intentions list.
Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St. Timothy. For our Saint of the Day, we usually read from HERE  and then as I am reading the kids color a page that I have ready and printed out. On the backside of the coloring page, they write down a few things about the Saint that stand out to them from the reading. This is a great way to familiarize children with the Saints.
Enjoy every minute my friends!


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