Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teaching on Tuesday...

Time to learn on Tuesday! Today I will share some games I have put together to help me the learning process fun for my children. I know that we are already with an accredited program that all comes in a box, including their grading services, but I know that my children need a little MORE when it comes to learning. Sometimes books are just a little too bland for what all needs to be learned.
Art is great for looking at in galleries, not so fun when it comes to just reading about it in a workbook. I created Art Bingo for our art lessons and then we can also play it before and after heading to the Art museum. I made up 4 of these cards with additional art works on each one and mixed up their spots to make it a real BINGO game. I also printed up a master sheet that has the photo of the art work and a brief paragrah on who created it and a little about the piece and or artist. In the future, I plan on creating a game based on famous art museums of the world! A great art and geography lesson in one!
This simple math center is for my 2nd grader that is SLOOOOWWLLLY learning his times tables and for the bigger kids who are good on the minute test, but could still use polishing every now and then! I just pulled old calendar numbers and a large foam die. They are all in a plastic tray that sits on the shelf under our classroom table. Perfect for grabbing and working!
As you can tell, I am a fan of upcycling! Thrifty Teaching Aids are a favorite of mine and this game works on just that! An old yogurt container holds 48 water bottle caps labeled 1-12 (4 sets of them) and milk jug caps with operations on them (Plus, minus, multiply). The game is to pull one WB cap and put it on the 1 spot on the lid, then a MJ cap in spot #2 and finally another WB cap in spot #3. Now the student/child must answer the problem. If they get it correct, they get to keep the WB caps and return the operation caps. This continues until all WB caps are being held and then the one with the most wins. BEWARE, there are several BOOM caps in here that make you return all your winnings!
We are a HUGE LEGO family, as I am sure many of you know, my son is even in a LEGO robotics competition team! Using these AWESOME labels from Outside The Brick, We now have a hands on LEGO game that involves learning the State, Capital and Abbreviation! I did not make each grouping the same color, as it makes it more difficult for the children to play. They need a challenge and this is perfect! I also added a deck of state card that gives the capital on it along with the shape of the state. Once they group the LEGOS, they must find the correct card to make sure they are correct and then look for the state on our state map that is also in the tray. Place the LEGOs on the map and move on!
Periodic Table of Elements Play! 
I downloaded the flashcards from HERE and then the kids colored them, I laminated them and together we punched holes and thread them through a ring. Alone these are an awesome resource and can be played many ways. We often toss these in our outing bag and have them just for fun at Doctor's offices and the like. In the classroom, they are paired with a bananagrams game, a table placemat and some bingo chips. The idea is to take the cards off the ring and place them in a tray facing down. Pull a card, read the information on it and then locate it on the chart. Place a chip on the chart and then use the letters from the game to make up its atomic number. There is no winner in this game as it is just review and learning while working hands on. Once the game is over, more review is had while placing them back in order and on the ring. Have younger children? Have them put the cards away and practice counting 1-100!
Remember to enjoy every minute my friends!

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