Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Homeschooling in Town Review

On Monday, we had a Dunkin Donuts open in our town...actually it's less than a minute from my house (DANGEROUS!), the good thing it that I love Starbucks so much more, but the bad thing? It's shiny and new. We decided to head on over and hang out for a day of homeschooling and see how it was.  Yes, I know that opening day is when they will obviously be at their best, but I wanted to see how they could handle opening day crowds. The staff was friendly but their prices were higher than other DD we have frequented. Their line moved quickly, but their selection was minimal. Their restaurant was kept clean after a busy morning and we were not disturbed or given dirty looks for staying and working for a couple hours. The parking lot cannot handle the crowds it had, but I expect it to taper off once the novelty has worn off. We will definitely revisit this place for another day of work and see what has changed since opening day!
A fun tip for flashcards is to keep them in a library checkout card holder while they are being used. We normall put all of our cards onto a binder ring for easy study, but during a lesson, my children use them to take notes on and jot down reminders. They also like to keep them flat in the book when we take our school on the road. This envelope stays neatly tucked into the book and is perfect for their active lesson. 
Chat pack for kids is an AWESOME way to get the chatter going on around your dinner table.
 These are awesome conversation starters. We pass them around and each person asks a a question and each person gets a chance to give their answer. 
More info HERE!
Too cold to play outdoors? Bring the snow inside and let your kids have some fun! 
A simple cilantro-lime crema for tacos, veggie bowls and pretty much anything you can think of, it's absolutely delish! All you need is the juice of 2 limes, half a bunch of cilantro (just the leaves) and 1 cup of greek yogurt. Pop it all into a food processor and it's all set!
Enjoy every minute my friends!
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