Friday, February 6, 2015

Planning a Book Swap

Do you have books everywhere? Piles here, piles there, overflowing shelves, tables with stacks, suitcases full? That is a description of my house. We have shelves in every room, piles of books in every nook and yet I keep buying. Our classroom is wall to wall bookshelves and it is fairly obvious that we are bibliophiles over here. One thing I cannot bring myself to do is to get rid of books. What made it easier to get rid of books? Swapping for new books! 
I decided to plan a swap with parents from our homeschool group and let it grow from there. I set up tables in my dining room and living room and everyone just brought their books. We priced them in case people wanted to shop without bringing books to swap and then we were ready to roll. I began planning months in advance, so everyone had time to purge their shelves.

The day of the event everyone showed up with their books ready to be laid out and then we just began swapping. All children were invited as well and they had fun swapping their books for other with their friends. It was a great experience for all involved and other then setting up tables and starting a Facebook event, it did not take much to get it going.

We used anything from carts, to crates to shoe boxes, bins and dresser drawers and suitcases to hold books and then let everyone dig through for what they were looking for. It was such a success we are planning another one for May as well! 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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