Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday School Post #2

Happy February my friends! Last week was the launch of my new Sunday feature entitled Sunday School. In this feature I discuss a bit of the things we covered in Our Little Catholic Homeschool! We have continued with Adoration once a week and it seems to be something all the children enjoy and need. We change out their Adoration Bags weekly if needed, but this has mainly only been necessary for the youngest. I really do plan on doing a post only about our Adoration Bags, in which I will keep updated their contents and anything new that may arise. My children are 7,9 & 10 and doing 1 hour a week has worked wonders in our lives. We make sure to have all of our school work done by lunch time, then we eat our lunch and head out. Once we leave Adoration, we usually head right across the street to our local Catholic store and each child is allowed to pick out a new Holy Card. Next, we head to the library to return or pick up any books and finally off to pick up daddy from work. My husband carpools, but since we are already out and about on Tuesdays, it works out perfectly to grab him ourselves! Do you do adoration with your children?
I have 3 children studying the Baltimore Catechism and a great way to keep track of all the questions, is to use a index card binder with all the questions labeled by number. The top one belongs to my daughter who just finished BC #2 and the lower one is BC #1, but only my middle son is creating the index card binder. They are a great way to not only study but reinforce what they are learning as they are writing it all down. 
My youngest is learning the St. Michael the Archangel prayer and what better way to learn than a coloring page! On this page he colors each word as he says it and stops after every line to repeat what he just colored. As he continues, little by little, he is locking the words into his head and creating a beautiful piece of art work!
A sneak peak at next week has me working on an Our Father lap book for a friend of mine that requested something for her beginning learner. I will share this finished product and the 10 Commandments one I did as well!
I printed out these BIBLE 411 sheets for my children to fold and tuck into their Bible for when they were in need of something at a certain moment in time. They are a great way to get children involved in the Bible more and also a great reference point as I printed out one for myself as well!
Every month I print out the Catholic calendar HERE & then we read about the daily Saints from our many Saint books, if I have time to prepare ahead, I will have a fact sheet with small coloring page to accompany the readings.
My the Lord Bless you all my friends and my you remember to enjoy every minute!

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