Saturday, February 7, 2015

Travels by dreams and reality...

As many know, we are travelers. We love to be on the go whenever possible, a 2 hour trip here or a day trip there. We love to explore new towns, cities, states and countries. One thing I love to study is Geography and I love that my kids get into it, but we like to make learning fun by playing with our inflatable globe. One person holds the globe to begin with and passes it to the next. Where that person catches it, they either say LEFT OR RIGHT and then look at what is beneath that hand. They hold up the globe and read the country, then we discuss surrounding ones and the continent it is on. We discuss oceans nearby and anything else interesting about that area. We look it up in an Atlas and name a few fun facts and it's time to toss it to the next person! A fun spin on learning.
A fun find this weekend is the passenger manifest from where my husband's grandparents and father along with aunts and uncles came through Ellis Island. What a treasure to see it all and learn more about his history. We have signed up to take an ancestry class next month to unearth more! We want to be equipped with plenty of information for our Philadelphia, New York & New Jersey trip this September. 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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