Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where Are YOU?!

I'm here, I'm here, I promise! Sorry for the disappearance and delay, but we have been on the road with our lessons lately. Valentine's Day weekend had us in Chicago taking in sites, good food and also scoping out suburban eateries and shops. I truly love living within a spitting distance of busses, trains and planes to big cities and exotic destinations. 

Heart shaped foods abound all day and it was so fun to celebrate with the children. My parents took the kids Friday night, so we could celebrate with friends in the evening and then spend the morning together, the rest of the weekend was with them!

Sushi doesn't quite have that romantic sound to it, but it was an awesome lunch and the kids love ordering things that just sound wierd.

Monday brought us home to a fossil lesson set up in our home. Our homeschool group borrows trunks from the natural history museum, all with different themes, and I put together a coordinating lesson and activities. These work out so fun and have gotten a pretty good turn out so far!
We took off minutes after the last person left our home and headed up north for some fun in the waterpark capital of the world! We are having an absolute blast getting together as a family and just BEING! 
We had to mapquest a local church for our vacation spot but we found it and it was gorgeous and so welcoming. It's Ash wednesday, so we got some funny looks and comments at MagiQuest after breakfast when we went to go play! 
Waterparks abound and the kids do them from open til close and could probably continue to do them if they were 24-7! My goodness, where do they get their energy from? 
My level 7 Magis absolutely love Magiquest and it is worth every dollar spent. Okay, I admit, we love it too...we all have wands and love to play with them. Now THIS is a workout. They have locations all over the US, get to one ASAP! We are hitting up the one in Ohio next month! So this is where I have disappeared to, heading home tomorrow evening or sooo....maybe....record cold temps reaching -30* when we get maybe the balmy 87* of the waterpark could sway me to stay! I will have some tips and reviews coming up this week along with adding links to everything, but this was just a break and it's time to do the Howlin' Tornado!
Enjoy every single minute my friends!

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