Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words on Wednesday

New books are my weakness, I love them too much to say no. The written word has power over me and I am glad to say that it does the same for my children. Tomorrow's post will have a list of all the books we bought last weekend and this week and what came in our Amazon order.
The kids started their new book for bookclub. HOLES by Louis Sachar and my daughter finished the same day she got it, but Gabriel is another story. We are reading a few chapters a day together and I notice my youngest always come in to snuggle and listen. A part of me thinks that he could read it all on his own, but he wants the snuggles and likes listening to me read. Autumn comes in too, because she loves hearing how I read the book, she says she never pictured the people's voices sounding like that! LOL! Do you still read to your kids? Never stop, they love it!
Crochet class #3 was granny squares, she already has 5 done and is in the process of making a scarf for a sick neighbor. She is not happy with how misshapen they are, but I told her that I love them and nothing is perfect, that's what makes them special.
As I cleaned out the closet of the classroom, I found some old waldorf type learning materials and the memories came flooding back as to how small they really were, where does that time go?
Why is it that kids absolutely love being outdoors? I am freezing just looking out the window, but they could be out there all day and every day. This photo was taken at the beginning of winter, now the snow has covered the slide that goes off the back porch and they love sliding down it and then filling it with snow again...I will admit that I did it too!
Enjoy every minute my friends...

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