Thursday, March 19, 2015

About Me...

Hello my friends! Wow, this blog is old and it's about time I update my about ME page, with my 35th birthday looming on the horizon this coming Monday. Well, here I am. Michelle is my name and I am a married (Disney bride), mother of 3 that is beyond ridiculous in my use of exclamation points, highlighters and colored pens. My obsessions are books, tea and office that order. I can often be found with a trenta iced green tea (unsweetened) from Starbucks and that lasts me the entire day while I am also chugging down 1 gallon of water of a day. My color is pink but I am often wearing black, because I find myself carrying too many extra pounds. It's time to begin a new regime that I can stay with, I start Zumba on Monday again and am walking while my kids are running with cross country. I hope to make it to running with them along the way.
This describes me perfectly, I try to be the best at all I do and it may not always work out how I want it to, but I like knowing that I did my best and gave my all. I am a dreamer but a realist first and foremost. I have an insane desire to explore the world and cannot wait to get back to Europe, waiting for my youngest to grow up has taken longer than I wanted but I didn't want to be hauling around strollers or cranky children through my favorite places in the world. I am definitely not one to sit still and I think that is why our homeschool is always on the road, we learn best standing on location and that's probably because those moments are when mom comes alive. I studied to become a tour guide in college and it's where my passion still lies. I love leading vacations and tours and outings and the like, I enjoy planning and putting together adventures and learning experiences and most of all I love exploring the unknown! This could be why I enjoy homeschooling, it is a blind road for all of us and we are learning together.
I am a mother to 3 amazing children that keep my days full and my heart bursting! We are Catholics, using Seton Homestudy as our curriculum and it's what works best for us. My kids are pretty close in age (7,9,10) and all get along pretty well for being siblings! I've been married to my Prince Charming for 10 years and together for 15, he is my complete opposite and I think that's why we work so well together. I am too forward to be with someone just like me! With raising children to be confident and well rounded, I have noticed my confidence grow. I am far from just a mom and know that my children know that too. 
I am a lover of books that loves to sit on the floor of a bookstore and just read covers and smell pages, feel spines and get lost in the world of fellow book lovers. I read with post-its and a notebook, colored pens and a highlighter. I own 2 Nooks and still love the feel of a book in my hands. I write down quotes and questions, memorable characters and anything that catches my eye. I'm a nerd that misses school. I'm sure there is more about me you want to know or maybe I have revealed too much, who knows! Ask away if you have any questions!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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