Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Buying Books Brings Brilliance!

New books coming into our classroom library have arrived today and the excitement of all of that made me push wordless wednesday aside! Books always make us all smile and I love the looks on their faces as they sit on the floor and go through them all. I have not even made it to the classroom yet, we opened the packages on the floor of the living room.
Previously I have mentioned our study of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and the game I was able to find online. Today, the missing piece arrived!!! The Lewis & Clark Expedition Coloring Book! I LOVE these books by Dover, they teach as the kids color!
After talking in the library with a friend yesterday, I realized that I had never shared our WHO WAS biography book report sheets. We LOVE these books, not only are they fun and full of facts, but they even capture the interest of adults as well!
This is the sheet I made up for the kids to keep track of what they are reading. I print them out 4 to a page so that they fit in one of our Paper Bag Books! This way we do not waste a lot of paper and all the reports are in one place! Get your own report HERE!
Enjoy every minute my friends!
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