Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daily Moments...

My kids have been spending time reading to service dogs, during this time I am left to my own devices and though I have this time to myself, I often find myself peeking in on them and watching.
It's often in these moments that I think of:
~how big they are getting
~how old I am getting
~how life moves far too quickly
~how much my life has taken a path I never expected it to take.

During these moments alone, I am often faced with fears and questions
~When will they push me away to let them grow up
~Will they always need me, like I still need my parents
~Will they move far and not be afraid to live their dreams
~Will they be happy and love themselves as much as I love them 
Though these days may fly by, I love capturing them in photos as I can look back at these days and remember that I was always there for them and for that brief moment that I look in at the photo, I can see my children as little ones lost in a moment.

Did you know that the base of a celery bunch can be used as a stamp for a rose? It's perfect! Add a green stem using marker or crayon and you are all set with an easy and perfect project! 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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