Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Field Trip Friday

Friday brought with it the excitement of a field trip and the simple fact that it was Friday! Our Homeschool Group (The Rockford Homeschoolers) was meeting up at the ComEd Discovery Lab and I have to admit that this one ranks up there as one of our top field trips! A great big thank you to Field Trip Factory for making this one happen!

This field trip was chock full of information, laughter and so much more. The kids had many hands on experiences, which was perfect for visual learners and kids that just want to get up and learn!

Linemen from ComEd came out and showed the kids what their job entails and with that had many kids in the palm of their hands! They climbed poles, answered questions and let us all take a look at their gear. 
Their training facilities are so large that it allowed us many places to explore and learn about. 
Not only do they have indoor facilities but plenty of outdoor sections as well. There seemed to be no place that was off limits to the kids as long as they were with the tour guide!

We even got to see a training class in session, which showed the kids that not only were they in a field trip facility but a working school as well!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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