Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Colors

In this moment I am listening to little voices playing outdoors with just sweatshirts on. They are exhuberant and jolly as they run with the freedom that Spring is bringing. The windchimes are tinkling softly and the birds are singing, in the distance I even hear a woodpecker. I have tossed open the doors to let the stale air out and let the sounds of spring in, as I sort the crayon bins for broken odds and ends, the casualties of winter. I don't know why I sort them by color, as it never lasts but I somehow feel a need to do it and it keeps me occupied as I listen to their conversations.
STOP! Don't toss those broken crayons, save them in a basket throughout the year along with those dried up markers. This is the perfect project for Summer and why I am beginning to organize it right now. Collect glass jars for this project as well. Peel the papers from the crayons (I use an exacto knife, but BE CAREFUL!) and then break them up into pieces as small as you can. Store them back in the baskets or the jars. 
Head over to Hobby Lobby and pick up candle making wicks. When the weather is HOT HOT HOT, place a wick in the center of the jar and begin to fill in the crayon pieces (NO PAPERS) in any order you may wish. Place the jar outdoors and watch the crayons melt into 1 awesome candle! We usually keep this going all Summer long and then wait until Winter to begin burning them, it's our 'bright' spot in the dreary weather!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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