Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday School Post #6

Another Sunday in Lent is upon us! How are you all doing with your Lenten season? We used Sculpey clay to make a crown of thorns with toothpicks. The kids making them, made a large difference. I read through The Way of the Cross for Children as they created and I asked them questions as we went along. Fun and learning is the best way to go about new adventures!
Our Second meeting of the Little Flowers Girls Club will begin on Tuesday and as we wait for our materials to arrive, I went to Teachers Pay Teachers for saint activities and came across these awesome ones for St. Therese. I made the calendar fit our schedule but this is going to be so much fun!
My husband and I are doing the Love Dare for Parents for Lent and are so excited that we have made it this far. This is our second time doing it and we are having a wonderful time getting together as a family.
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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