Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday School Post #7

Sunday is here and it's time for another Sunday School post! This is the 7th one in this series and you can find the rest HERE. Prayers are so very important and to make sure that my kids know what they are saying and why they are saying it is also important. I like to make up different coloring pages and worksheets, so that they can learn as they have fun. This simple Our Father coloring page is a started page that I like to use when just starting out. Get your own HERE.
My Little Flowers group met this past week and we decorated our folders. As we are waiting on the guides and sashes to arrive, we decided to study St. Therese as I shared in last week's post HERE.
We used a celery base and paint to make roses on paper and our folders and they came out so pretty! We also made a St. Therese page using print outs from google images and the St, Therese prayer art that I made. It worked out so well and the girls all had so much fun doing it.
Here is a close-up of our St. Therese page, the calendar is a good deeds calendar, where they color each box per day that they do a good deed on. The hearts are labeled monday - friday and have good deed ideas on them.
The Love Dare for Parents is still going strong for us, as well as the Love Dare for couples. It has been a truly enlightening experience and I highly encourage you all to get the books and try it yourself! Lent is the perfect time as there are 40 days and 40 dares!
I am so glad that our Diocese is doing a full day of confessions, is your Diocese doing it? No more excuses that you can't make it!
A fun craft coming up that also encourages your children to pray more! You will need a plain wood cross that is thicker than normal along with some paints and a cup hook. Begin painting your cross in any way you wish.
Once you have painted your cross, screw the cup hook into the bottom of the cross. Mine is not painted yet, as we are waiting to do them all together. Once your screw is in, you are all set!
You have just made a rosary holder! It is now perfectly ready to be hung on the wall and keep your precious rosary safe. We plan on hanging each one next to their bed, so that they always know where their rosary is.
The Communion of Saints Coloring Book is perfect for learning about Saints! I like to give them each the coloring page, while I read a story about that saint, it helps them famliarize themselves with the saints.
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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