Friday, March 13, 2015

Tabbed Reading For Your Reluctant Reader

Last night we hit up the library for a fun LEGO class and when we left there, we headed to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book I had ordered. It's time for a new family read and this time we chose Swiss Family Robinson. My kids were thrilled with the attraction in Disney World, so I figured it was time to read about this awesome family. One thing we love to do to our books is to tab them, it started as something we did for the kids that did not want to read every day or would only read 1 page to claim they read. The move from picture books to chapter books can be daunting, with all those pages that seem never ending, tabbed reading is what solved that!
Sticky tabs are what we use and those alone are enough to excite and office supply addict (guilty) or any kids at all! The tabs give children a visual stop sign on how far they need to read in order to meet their goal that they set on their own or when the book is due to be read. Not only does it make the book look even more fun but it gives them the cues they need as they read. They see themselves getting closer and closer to the end, so they continue reading and at the same time, they realize they are challenging themselves.
I printed this out 4 to a page so that each child could have 1 and then I laminated them so they could last and be referenced with each book they tackle. The post-it tabs usually last 3-4 books as long as they are collected with each goal they pass and not just played with or stuck to the couch or carpet! This is one tip that has helped turn all of my kids into book lovers!! Now it's time for us to read a bit before we head out for our jampacked day of homeschool history class, gym class (skating!) and then archery!
Enjoy every minute my friends!!
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