Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Scoop on Saturday!

Saturday has come and gone far too quickly! I can gladly say that we spent it busily and with much laughter! An early run with cross country had us up and out of bed far too early, but good for getting a jump on the day.
4H projects were looked over and goals were set, after a quick Starbucks stop of course! 3 kids with 2 projects each, means very busy children on top of all their activities!
Our oldest has a deep seeded desire to work for the government, the NSA to be exact. She hopes that she can form the perfect cover by being a fashion designeer, so of course she has chosen textiles for one of her 4H projects. With this project, she now finagled the purchase of a sewing machine, that she has been asking for for quite awhile. We walked in just to look at machines and of course ended up with one! We made her take it out of the box and hold it in front of the store, needless to say we are the type of parents that drive children crazy! 
After our princess took off for a sleepover with friends, it was a day of mom and all boys! They were eager to spend time with mom and dad and do several fun things throughout the day as well.
Lunch time took us to a new restaurant that had delightful food and great service! The boys loved having us all to themselves and had plenty to talk about as well.
BOWLING! I did terribly as always, but we all had so much fun that we made it through 3 games before we were ready to head out. It was a league day, which the boys loved watching and cheering them on.
We still had some time before our next appointment, so we stopped at Michael's and found this AWESOME castle, perfect for their peg dolls collection. We are thinking it would be a fun project to paint it first, but not sure yet. I love the Waldorf style of natural wood, but they love the thought of being able to go crazy with paints!
They also had these phenomenal journals! I couldn't decide which I wanted and regret not seeing them at the beginning of the year. The travel one would be awesome for documenting all of our weekend getaways and longer!
Next, it was time for Laser QUEST! This place was beyond insane in volume and price but it was so much fun. How on earth have we lived in this city 10 years and only been here twice, it's definitely time to put this one back in rotation!
Enjoy every minute my friends, we certainly are!

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