Wednesday, April 1, 2015

87 Years of Wisdom

"I learn something new every day", this is a quote I grew up hearing often and then it was quickly followed by "I'm xx years old and I'm still learning!" My grandfather just turned 87 on Saturday and we all spent the day with him have a fantastic time. We heard stories for the millionth time, heard new tales and even laughed until we cried, sang until our throats were sore and ate until we thought we may slip into a food coma. It's not every day that we get to dine with a legend and yes, I truly think my grandfather is one.
9 Things About My Grandfather:
1.~ He ALWAYS has a Jalapeno in his pocket...ALWAYS.
2.~ He left home at the age of 12, so his family would have more food.
3. ~ He was headed for Minnesota on a freight train, when he was beat with a club out of a hay bale and kicked off the train in Chicago, that's how our family ended up here.
4. ~ He showed up as a guest to a friend's wedding, when a groomsman got sick, they grabbed him to accompany the extra girl...that ended up being my grandma.
5. ~ He is ALWAYS in a suit...ALWAYS...
6. ~ He can barely get in or out of his sportscar, but he is still driving around in one that he trades in every few years for another.
7.~ He packed lettuce, picked cotton, drove semis back and forth over the border, drove tractors for farmers and collected bottles for people making their own liquor in basements, all before he was 14.
8. ~ The only family photo he has with both of his parents and all his brothers and sisters was taken in his living room....with his mother in her coffin, dead.
9. ~ He is amazing. 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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