Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Learning While Away....Part 5

Happy Tuesday my friends! Boy did this weekend go by too quickly but it was an absolute blast of amusement parks, friends, swimming, baseball games and books! Now it's time to discuss another installment of Learning While Away. This is the final installment other than one Sunday School version that will appear on the blog for my Catholic followers. Today, I will share our art projects that also still taught us about the country with reading and writing as well. One thing I love to do to prepare for our trip is to pick up old maps, atlases and travel guides with photos. We make a passport book out of all of the places we visited and using index cards, the kids caption the photos or write descriptions of what they enjoyed.
Due to space being an issue, the kids work together to put in their favorite parts and highlights of the trip and make it look like a small scrapbook with basic information in it. They also include 1 fun fact about what they are writing about.

Keeping the pages simple, allows their words to describe the moment captured on photos. These small passport books can be as small as a few pages where each child gets their own page or as big as 20 pages. It is all a matter of what we do, where we go and how long we are there. Receipts and tickets are also an awesome thing to tape and or staple in as well. We keep these booklets in a box on our sofa table and always have them to look back on.
We looked up famous artists from Mexico and studied a few of them and also looked to see if any of their art would be on display in any of the cities we would be visiting, and if so we would arrange a trip to see the piece but first we would either create our piece of art based on the style of the artist or just printing coloring pages goes far as well! A lesson in art can be as simple or as complex as you would like to make it, but it is always fun! 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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