Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Charlie The Elf 2015

It's the time of the year again! Time for you to follow our Elf on the Shelf Charlie and see what he is up to! He arrives on Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas Season and my kids are beyond excited! Creating a suitcase is as easy as a jewelry box and pipe cleaner and these little details always have the children tickled! I will try and keep this post updated throughout the season, so you can always find all of his antics posted daily in one spot! Please be sure to read the most recent posts that will go into more detail about Charlie's surprises that day, this is just going to be a pictorial with some comments.

Michael's craft stores has a new batch of Christmas sweater ornaments and they fit the elf perfectly! Be sure to check them out, as they are much cheaper than the official elf merchandise and so much more unique! Not to mention they come with their own little hangers!! They have hats this year too and we will see if they fit him.
Use google for Elf on the Shelf stationary and you will find some good stuff! I am predicting that he will most likely show up with this one!
The kids are so excited to be able to read his book and watch the movie again! We save it for the season and it truly makes it more magical! They read the book over and over again and the movie becomes memorized by all in the family by the time Charlie departs on Christmas Eve!
He arrived with a bang and dove into a slice of Gabrie's home made cherry pie! He arrived with a banner of thanks to decorate and bring to Thanksgiving and even hacked into our craft closet to construct some stairs for his friends to join him on his high seat! He brought a movie and letter.
Our elf loves to climb and he usually uses ropes, stairs or ladders but he always finds a way.
He sometimes sneaks rides in the car and brings pajamas every year too!
Charlie's friends enjoy getting carried away with things too and always await his return from the North Pole!
Building things for his friends help the kids keep occupied and stay crafty while always getting along too!
He sent a chain of kisses down from the mistletoe as he hung high above all the heads!
Snow Man Charlie enjoys being a tiny bit messy but always has fun and cleans up after himself when he leaves! Here he is watching to be sure the kids wash their hands and brush their teeth!
Being held  captive by king nutcracker he was inside the popcorn machine and you can't see his gifts but he brought a family movie and a bag of microwave popcorn!
He loves to read as much as we do and here he is reading to all of his friends as they hear the story of Christmas!
He and his friends are all hiding around and in the tree as they let St. Nicholas take center stage on his day!
St. Nicholas brought a coloring book of his story and the kids colored many pages as we read, but they thought they left some empty pages....not so! Charlie took over where they left off!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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2015 from arrival to departure:
He's Baaaccckkk! Charlie & Hot Coffee have arrive with a cardboard staircase built to reach a chair so that he can eat a slice of pie and drop off his letter. He also brought the movie Inside Out!

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