Thursday, November 19, 2015

Feeling Creative and Cozy

This year for Christmas we are surprising our kids with a Disney Cruise we are taking next year. I have been collecting and ordering things for the surprise as well as things that I like to call Disney Mail that will arrive once a month until 2 months before the trip and then they will begin to arrive once a week. I like to build the anticipation, so that they are not just looking forward to one day, but what may come before that day. I recently found this Free Printable HERE and knew that it would be easy to find a Disney picture frame to do this. Once the frame arrived, I printed out this sheet and it was perfect! I cannot wait to see their expression as the countdown gets smaller and smaller. I know that they will be excited to count down each day on the frame and erase the previous one. Another idea would be to buy a plane and unfinished wood frame and have your kids decorate it themselves and you can change it out for each vacation that you are counting down to.   
We are expecting snow here in the Midwest this weekend and this morning felt extra chilly. It felt like the perfect day to grab breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and have some hot chocolate and then do our school work for the day right there. I love taking these kids out and about and they enjoy it too. I often times realize that they seem to focus more when we are outside of our home classroom.

I like the DD in our neighborhood as it only seems to get crowded inside during the evening hours and the drive thru is crowded the rest of the day, this makes it the perfect place for homeschoolers! We can usually hang out a few hours and get some work done while chatting and snacking and having fun together.
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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