Thursday, November 5, 2015

Loose Leaf Tea in Coffee Filters

I'm a huge loose leaf tea fan, this is my one weakness in life, but the good thing is that it is a heck of a lot cheaper to brew your own than to pay a barista to do it! I don't always have the space to bring some with me along with an infuser and make it a whole thing when I am on the road...and this is pretty much 80 percent of our life! I love my teas and I just want them with me all the time and the bagged teas just don't do it for me. I decided to check and see if it would be possible to make my own tea bags with coffee filter and IT WORKS!
All you need is a coffee filter, loose leaf tea, scoop for tea, scissors and a stapler!
It's best if you make your filter into a long rectangle shape by flattening it out and then cutting off the round edges on 2 sides, but NOT TOO MUCH! Place tea in the middle, this is my favorite part, because YOU control how strong you want it!! Once you have placed the tea, use a blade of the scissor, to divide the scoop in two with half at the top of the center and half at the bottom of your center. Fold the coffee filter in from the sides into the center and BE SURE TO OVERLAP! Now it is time to fold it upwards and you have your teabag, keep that center clear so it folds a bit flatter. Now it is time to seal the top with an envelope fold and staple shut!
I placed them in an airtight container that is slim enough to slip into my purse and now I have tea on the go! They work perfectly and I have never smelled a tea as sweet in a bag as I have these! The aroma is enough to make me NOT want to drink them!! This was me in the member's lounge at the Museum of Science & Industry and I had 2 people ask me what kind of tea I was brewing! They provide lipton bags for free, but I just go there for the hot water! 
Enjoy every single minute my friends!

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