Monday, November 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday and More!

Happy Monday my friends! I had a slight glitch with yesterday's post and now I am all of center! All of my words were not posting, so I did not schedule this post ahead of time, just to see if I can figure out the problems. Todays post will be our brief menu sharing and a few some other random ramblings like this photo of our Thanksgiving d├ęcor! Are you excited for the fun holiday ahead of us? Did you know that you can use a keurig pod for crafts? The kids had fun at their library crafter night and created turkeys out of the old pods, what have you made with them? 
I love when new books come into the house and I enjoy sharing them on Mondays. It's been too long and all the new books would take up a library, so instead I will just share this weekend's new books:
1. Veggie Tales Devotions book with a faux leather cover and they are on sale this week at Family Christian!!
2. A-Z Mysteries are fun books that my youngest likes to read, just because they are such quick reads that always make him laugh.
3. Flat Stanley is another book series for my youngest and he truly loves all of Stanley's antics.
4. Waiting For Normal is a book that is an easy read for my oldest, but the story grabbed her attention and she wanted it!
5. Nick & Tesla is for my 9 year old boy who is excited to start this new Science series!
6. The Christmas Arch book is one for our Arch books collection that we enjoy having in a basket in the classroom, these books come up to the living room during the proper seasons!
7. Who Was King Tut is another book for our classroom collection. We LOVE this series of books and use them often in our travels, we are attempting to collect them all and always buy at least 1 whenever we set foot into a B&N!

Monday - Meatloaf and potatoes, served with a garden salad and fresh squeezed lime
Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas served with black beans and cilantro-lime rice.
Wednesday - Wedge Salads and Vegetable Soup.
Thursday - Beef with Broccoli served over noodles.
Friday - Dinner with friends after tree lighting ceremony!
Saturday - Cross Country Banquet!
Sunday - Dinner with Friends!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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